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We offer fresh Gherkins at affordable prices. The agro product is high in nutritive content and is available with optimum freshness. The product is stored in well equipped and spacious warehousing unit in bulk quantity.

About Gherkins :
The Gherkins are the agro food item, which traditionally served cold as cooked form of food loose its intense flavor. These are pickled to be served with other foods, often in sandwiches. The gherkins are also called horned cucumbers and are used in Eastern and Central European cuisine. These are called cornichon in French. The gherkins are about five centimeter long and has lobed leaves with toothed edges and small flowers. These grow on crooked stalks.

In India, it grows only in South India, where it found ideal soil and temperature conditions of not more than 35 degrees and not less than 15 degrees. These conditions suiting to the crop found mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and the product is considered as annual crop in this region.

Gherkins Uses
  • The gherkins can be used as side dish with sandwiches, hot dogs and breads.
  • These can be made as sweet pickle by soaking in honey and sugar syrup and can be enjoyed as desserts.
  • The gherkins can be added to soups, salads and vegetable stir fry.

Specification :
How to store The fresh gherkins can be stored in refrigerator in glass or plastic bottles
Health benefits The gherkins are low in cholesterol and saturated fat and are high in Vitamin K and A. These are also high in sodium content
Preserved in Natural Alcohol Vinegar
Acetic Acid,
Available Sizes Fruit count per kg. 5/10, 10/20, 20/30, 30/40, 40/60, 60/120, 120/160, 160/300, and 300+
PACKING 1) Gherkins in Acetic acid in 220, 240, 260 In food grade, HDPE Barrels
2) Gherkins in Natural Vinegar in 220, 240, 260 In food grade, HDPE Barrels
3) Gherkins in Brine in 220, 240, 260 In food grade, HDPE Barrels
4) Available in Tin, Cans, Barrels and Bottle Jars.
Loadability 1x20 feet container can loadable 20MT (80 HDPE Barrels )

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